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Introducing the latest addition to the 12/10 online store: Suntory Old Whisky Limited Edition 2020. This beautifully designed collectable bottle is a unique release of the ‘Suntory Old’ whisky following a decades-old blend by the brewery. This special edition celebrates the Chinese zodiac Year of the Rat with an ornately illustrated label. The whisky itself is balanced in sweetness and smoothness with spicy notes and a medium finish. Both easily drinkable and a worthy collector’s item, it would be a great choice for a Fathers’ Day gift this year or a treat yo’ self bottle of booze to proudly display in your home bar!

Suntory Old, as the name suggests, has been in production since the 1940s and became highly sought after when it was released in the wake of World War II. It was considered a classy companion to the well-loved Suntory Kakubin during a time when Japan’s whisky culture was growing and learning. This growth was signalled by the brewery opening up Suntory and Torys bars across the country where new styles of drinking whisky were explored. These innovations include the Highball (whisky with soda water) and Mizuwari (blending of whisky with water) which remain quintessential in Japanese drinking culture today.

With the rise in popularity of single malt in the 80’s, Suntory effectively diversified their portfolio of whiskies with the launch of Yamazaki, Hibiki, and Hakushu. These single malt whiskies have been synonymous with quality and prestige over the years. Nevertheless, the brewery’s blended whiskies continue to be enjoyed in bars and homes throughout the world. Suntory Old, although not as well-known as the flagship whisky Suntory Kakubin, is a mild and smooth old-fashioned blend steeped in tradition and it has stuck around for that reason.

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