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Hitachino Nest beers have been a constant in 12/10’s beverage menu since 2015 and for good reason. They’re experimental yet consistent in quality. They do a variety of styles well and put a lot of thought into their craft.

Hitachino Nest beers are produced by Kiuchi Brewery in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan – a company that has been brewing sake for almost 200 years. It is still run by the Kiuchi family today, already in the 8th generation. In 1994, the brewery decided to undertake a new challenge of producing beer despite having to start from scratch.They had to outsource their machinery all the way from Canada and set these up with only four staff, including Mr. Kiuchi himself, to offset the start-up costs for their project. In August 1996, a section of their sake brew house was repurposed into a beer brewery, and just two months later, Hitachino Nest beer was born.

Only a year after its inception, Hitachino Nest beers began to receive multiple accolades for their various brews in yearly international beer competitions held all over the world. Their Amber Ale won Gold out of 220 beers in the Dark Ale category at the 1997 International Beer Summit. Their White Ale then won Gold in the Herb & Spice Beer category at the 2000 World Beer Cup in the US. And in 2001, Hitachino Nest beers became the first Japanese brewery to win Gold two years in a row with their Weizen at the DLG German Beer Awards, a distinction highly trusted by German breweries and consumers.

The international success of the brand can be attributed to their core philosophy of “perfectionism that continues and evolves.” Hitachino Nest places importance on the intuition and expertise of their skillful brewers to create uniquely Japanese beer. Their unassuming marketing strategy is rooted in fun and thoughtful design. Strengthened by two centuries of brewing heritage, their passion for innovation is simply inspired by people who love good beer. Their philosophy echoes the same values that 12/10 is proud of— a meticulous eye for detail, creativity beyond trends & expectations, and always high standards of quality.

Check out the Hitachino Nest Beer Bundle in our store to sample five of Hitachino Nest’s different beer styles with unique flavors:

  • Hitachino Nest White Ale is a light and zesty wheat beer with subtle notes of orange, nutmeg, and coriander. The combination of hops also enhances the warm spices and citrusy flavors.

  • Hitachino Nest Red Rice Ale is brewed with red rice lending a floral and slightly nutty flavor to the beer as well as a pink hue. Chinook hops add a unique fruity quality and brightness to the mix.

  • Hitachino Nest DAi DAi Ale is infused with wild mandarins called fukure mikan as well as ‘noble’ hops known for their smooth bitterness and complex herbal aromas. This IPA is citrusy and rich with a dry finish.

  • Hitachino Nest Saison Du Japon is brewed with wheat and rice “malted” with koji mold, the same ingredient used to produce sake. This imparts a slightly sweet and savory quality to the beer, rounded out with a refreshing acidity from added yuzu juice.

  • Hitachino Nest Espresso Stout has rich coffee flavor and pleasant bitterness balanced with hints of caramel-like sweetness from using ‘chocolate malt’ or grain that is roasted until it reaches the color (and flavor characteristics) of chocolate.

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